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Mission essentials date and litchi review

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Mission Essentials Date And Litchi Review

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This course is suitable for more experienced DJI Drone pilots who want to take their flying skills to the next level. We have developed and perfected a wide selection of exciting video shots using the Litchi app, which we teach on the course. It is very stable. On this course we concentrate on the practical use and applications for Litchi in many different commercial video shoots. The missions you save on the Hub are synched across all you devices. When you arrive on site, just load the pre-programmed mission and hit Start.

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Litchi vs dronelink getting started- my impressions

Search titles only. Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Get more from your Mavic. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Litchi vs Dronelink Thread starter vindibona1 Start date Sep 23, I've owned Litchi for about a month or more and while I have the beta version for my Mini, they haven't rolled out all the features yet.

I was wondering what Dronelink had to offer, so I decided to look into it as well. Litchi is pretty straight forward. Dronelink is MUCH different. First, the Dronelink app is free to download maybe good for people with both Apple and Android devices. No big deal. Getting started was a bigger deal. I watch about 30 minutes of various tutorials, and while I got the general gist of Dronelink's capabilities, it seems WAY more complicated, as there are drop-down menus everywhere and everything has to be sequenced just so. The word on this forum was that "the learning curve on Dronelink is steeper".

What an understatement! The program has "repositories", which I guess are compliations of instructions, then a separate column for the "plan".

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What isn't widely known is that many of the features of Dronelink require a premium subscription. In any event I was unsuccessful in creating my first mission. I don't think I'm ready to give up yet, but was definitely overwhelmed. One thing that I really like with Litchi is that it shows you altitudes and gives you both options set height above current ground level, adjusting for elevation, or at static elevations over take off point.

THAT is a premium feature in Dronelink. Additionally, Litchi displays the height on the screen at the waypoints. Dronelink's data is hidden in the dialog boxes. I think Litchi can do similar things, but I haven't explored that. I tried messing with Dronelink's camera settings, which seems to be done in multiple "component" menus, but wasn't really able to get the camera fully set.

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Perhaps I haven't watched enough videos? I'm going to try to find 3rd party Dronelink videos to see if I can get it operational. I think Dronelink has some value and could be pretty powerful, probably overall more powerful than Litchi, but compared to Litchi, the learning curve isn't steep Reactions: Conservative NihilisthawkinsukTom25 and 4 others.

I'm learning Dronelink and it appears to be very powerful. Yes, the learning curve is steep!

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I tried creating a very simple mission - fly from point A to point B and turn on video. Wow, did it get complicated fast. Some of the things I had to learn by trial and error as there is no written documentation.

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Do I have to go back and watch all the tutorials again? Oh no.

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Fortunately, a couple of 3d party youtube videos helped enormously: Creating a list:. Reactions: vindibona1. I'll watch the vids later tonight when I can concentrate.

Why a journal?

Reactions: Spartan Drones. Tolly Well-Known Member. I too have bought both for my mini and although I agree that Dronelink is complex with a lot to learn, the things you can do with it are almost limitless. It's power is well worth the learning curve.

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The series of Dronelink tutorials are the best way to learn in my experience and I recommend making some notes of your own as you go along. Take your point about altitudes not showing at waypoints but what is really useful and gives me confidence to run a mission is the 'simulated drone' feature which also links to google earth where you get a full 3d run of your mission to tweak and tune at home before you go out and run it.

I spent about 6 hours on my PC before I went out and ran my first mission and after that progressed quickly. It's also worth looking at other people's missions and going through them to see what they do. Stick with it its worth it honestly!!! This is a mission I flew a couple of days ago : Dronelink. Reactions: svegressparkgt and pescobar I have been flying DJI drones for two years and a user of Litchi for a year.

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I like Litchi and find it capable for most everything I do. Then I bought a Mini and wanted to have Litchi Waypoints, etc. Definitely not as intuitive as Litchi, but DroneLink has features not found with Litchi. I like it. Reactions: parkgt. Click to expand Reactions: pescobar Totally agree on the learning curve but now I have the hang of it I love it.

I too initially thought I wanted to see altitudes and distances on the mission plan but actually running the virtual mission in google earth is what gives you the confidence your mission is perfectly as you want it and to me extra s on the screen would just add clutter.

The link below is is a mission I flew recently to try it out in my local park thought it a bit risky to fly it over the sea first time but it executed perfectly. Now I plan to run it from the pier head when the weather permits as you can easily move missions from one location to another. It has most elements including orbit and a full pano shoot. The is a preset cluster of commands so you just add it in one entry but you can go in and change anything you want of photo's, ISO, shutter speed, etc. I'm well impressed. Dronelink Southend Pier.

Reactions: sprill22parkgt and pescobar Do you have a recommended "sequence" of how you build a mission, especially if you need to start and stop video recording or take photos?

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It seems like you have to manually program every single step.