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It is a rare cause of erectile dysfunction — a condition where a man has difficulty achieving or maintaining and erection.

Girls Looking For Bend Men

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Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues. Learn more. A population-based, cross-sectional anonymous web-based survey was deed, and men aged between 35 and 75 years in major and rural metropolitan cities across Australia were invited to participate. Respondents were screened for self-reported symptoms of penile curvature and their impact on various psychosexual domains.

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Going to a Cleveland Clinic location? You may be able to feel the scar tissue plaque through the skin or you may have pain in a specific part of your penis as the scar tissue forms. During an erection, your penis can bend up, down, or to the side depending on the location of the scar. In most cases, the scar forms on the top of the penis, causing it to curve upwards when it becomes erect. Your penis will bend downward if the scar is on the bottom, and sideways if the scar is on the side.

Sometimes the scar will go all the way around the penis, making it narrow like the neck of a bottle or the center of an hourglass. About one in three men with this condition may have calcium in the scar tissue that can make it feel like bone.

Loss of libido

Your penis has two roles: to carry urine and to carry sperm. There are three tubes inside it: the urethra, which carries urine from the bladder and through the penis, and two tubes called the corpora cavernosa that fill with blood to make the penis erect. All three are wrapped together by a tough fibrous sheath known as the tunica albuginea.

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Semen then exits through the urethra after orgasm. This process is called ejaculation. Some men can be born with penile curvature and this is called congenital curvature or chordee. It is not caused by scar tissue, and the condition does not change over time.

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It might not be noticeable until after puberty when a man begins having more regular erections. If you have concerns about your sexual health, be sure to report your symptoms to a healthcare provider. This is most common in the acute early phase of the disease.

However, pain may continue with erections even in the chronic phase. The severity of it varies depending on the person.

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You can have sex, but it might be painful or difficult for you or your partner. The greater the curve, the more difficult it is to have sex. Some researchers believe the scar occurs after the erect penis has been injured or abnormally bent, typically during sexual intercourse.

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These changes probably happen due to small unrecognized injuries that happen during regular sexual relations. If you have a close family member with the disease, then you are more likely to get it. You may feel scar tissue a plaque under the skin of the penis.

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You may be able to tell that the plaque is forming because of the following s:. In most cases, the pain decreases over time, but the bend in the penis related to the scar can remain a problem. If the bend is bad enough, such as greater than 30 degrees, the curve can interfere with sex. Changes in the penis can cause body image issues, anxiety or even depression. It can cause strain in a relationship and in other aspects of life.

Your sexual health is as important as any other aspect of your health. Talk to your healthcare provider about your concerns.

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The changes in the penis can always be improved using a variety of treatments. It bends the penis, but does not affect fertility. It also does not cause any problems with urination or ejaculation. If you have urinary problems, be sure to report your symptoms to your healthcare provider.

You may get the disease if a close family member has it. Your healthcare provider will ask you about anything that may have happened before the symptoms appeared, such as an injury. They will feel the hardened tissue caused by the disease, although sometimes it is necessary to do the examination when your penis is erect. If needed, an injection will be used to temporarily make your penis erect for the exam. Your healthcare provider may recommend an ultrasound.

The ultrasound will reveal where the plaque is, check for calcium buildup and show how the blood flows in your penis. This test can allow your healthcare provider to determine which treatment options you might be a candidate for.

How did it get this way?

If you have very little penis curvature with no pain and no problems with sex, you may not need to be treated at all. Talk to your healthcare provider about what options are right for you. Many different treatments exist including stretch therapy tractionmedications and even surgeries. Traction or stretch therapy uses a device to stretch the penis and sometimes even bend the penis in the opposite direction of the curvature.

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The device needs to be worn daily for several months to show improvement. Many men wear the device while sleeping. There have been no long-term side effects from this treatment.

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Men may need to buy the device independently, but often receive reimbursement from their insurance companies. However, traction therapy has shown better improvements in curvature because it causes more stretch on the scar tissue. There are medications taken by mouth and medications injected into the penis.

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The oral medications show little effectiveness compared to the injections. Injections that go right into the scar tissue are able to break down the scar and improve the curvature in the penis. Medications rarely result in a straight penis. Oral medications that may help include:.


Urologists specialize in sexual and urinary problems in men. Men in the chronic phase who desire the most rapid or those who desire a straight penis may be better served with surgery to correct the problem. Healthcare providers may have you wait until the scar and curvature have stopped worsening and there has been no pain for around six to 12 months.

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Surgery should only be performed in the chronic phase. Before surgery, your healthcare provider will need to do an ultrasound on your penis. This will check the blood flow to the penis and see if there is erectile dysfunction ED.

A medicine is injected during the ultrasound to create a temporary erection to see which surgery you might be a candidate for.

Is it normal to have a curved penis?

All surgeries have some side effects which are generally rare. The scar removal lengthening procedure has a longer recovery period. The risks are the same, except that there is a higher risk of worsened erections that may require pills or a penile implant.

That is why this surgery is only offered to men with excellent erections. Some healthcare professionals recommend shockwave therapy.

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This is where focused, low-intensity electroshock waves are directed at the plaque. The goal is to reduce your pain which can also be accomplished by over-the-counter medications. Researchers have not found any proof that shockwave can help improve penile curvature. This treatment may be expensive and is rarely covered by insurance. As men age, their erections may be less rigid firmor there may be difficulty in maintaining firmness. Less rigid erections can be injured because regular thrusting during sexual intercourse may cause the penis to bend and lead to pain.

To avoid this type of injury, there are a of things you and your partner can do:. There are treatments. Waiting for the treatments to help manage your symptoms can be frustrating. The pain makes the disease even more frustrating, as does your inability to have sex if you have a severe case. Talk to your healthcare provider about your symptoms and concerns. There are treatments for depression. A certified sex therapist is uniquely qualified to help you deal with these issues.

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You can also see a psychiatrist for medications and a general therapist for counseling therapy.