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Dating european vs Asheville

Hidden among the tree-lined streets of Asheville lies a rich history waiting to be discovered. Before the Europeans arrived in what is now North Carolina, the land around Asheville was a part of the Cherokee nation. This early settlement in paved the way for the future of what would become the city of Asheville.

Dating European Vs Asheville

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For a long time, Asheville has been a romantic destination for couples looking to escape to the mountains for a cozy getaway. Feature photo: Zambra. One thing about Asheville is the surrounding, ever present view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Many Asheville restaurants offer intimate rooftop settings with stunning views. See our Asheville Rooftop Bars guide for a pre-dinner cocktail! Other romantic settings include terraces with sunset views, warm fireplaces and cozy candlelit corners.

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Here's how we got to today's post: through the past few weeks, I've done a variety of items on the attempts of long-challenged Fresno to rebuild its historic downtown. Now the expected further shoe has dropped, with readers from Asheville writing in to say: We drifted our way into success?

Some "drift!

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Here is a sample, from J. Patrick Whalen, who has lived in Asheville since the mids. I'm quoting him at length because the issues he mentions connect the stories we've heard in every corner of the country. I'm also including some of the photos Mr. Whalen sent, of Asheville before-and-after its recent renaissance. I will take a shot at summarizing the key elements of that battle, but please rest assured the story is more complicated and there were more participants than I can do justice to in this short note. The City itself nearly went bankrupt; an economic pall settled over the area for over 50 years; and there was no reason to do anything other than let buildings stand vacant or underutilized because nothing much was happening.

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Combined with the long-term economic challenges the mountain area had faced, a profound pessimism settled over the community so that every new idea floated to bring the city back was met with an oft-repeated refrain: "That will never work here - don't even try. A proposal was floated demolish a large part of the historic downtown and replace it with an enclosed mall.

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That idea was voted down but in the process local citizens became much more invested in saving and bringing back downtown. Citizen resistance was led by John Lantzius, who was already busy, with his sister, Dawn, renovating buildings, in one of the blocks slated for demolition, and providing low-cost spaces for local businesses. Other large-scale projects were actually completed by out-of-town developers during this period but the projects failed financially. The large-scale failures were part of the story of the 80's. The City Council and City staff, who had partnered with and supported those developers, took a of other brave, forward-looking steps to actually kick-start revitalization: liquor by the drink was approved for restaurants in a formerly dry community ; sidewalk dining was approved; Bele Chere, a major outdoor summer festival was established; the City built new parking garages at a time when nobody really saw a need for new parking; and the City and the County kept all major public buildings downtown.

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All of these steps had no large immediate effect and provoked a political backlash which forced those leaders out of office, but without their actions, our downtown miracle would never have happened. In particular, two new residents, picked up the baton after the political backlash in the 80's forced the public sector to back off.

Roger McGuire was indefatigable in working to drum up support for revitalizing downtown, raising money and leading nonprofit efforts to that effect; and leading the campaign for a new arts and science center downtown. Julian Price, after conversations with Roger, committed his small fortune to supporting downtown entrepreneurs and creating places for people to live downtown.

Soon other local developers saw the opportunities and also took part, taking advantage of the stock of interesting historic buildings suitable for renovation. At present the process continues unabated and is, in fact, picking up steam as hotels and other residential opportunities are being added downtown.

If it matters, I've been a resident of Asheville since I worked with Roger McGuire in some of those non-profits mentioned in Par. I am a former chairman of the Asheville Downtown Commission. And I run Public Interest Projectsalso mentioned above.

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We haven't made Asheville part of our American Futures travel plans precisely because it is already so famous for its burnished downtown. But the details of J. Patrick Whalen's very closely tracks what we've heard in Sioux Falls, Greenville, Allentown, and elsewhere.

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Thanks to him for spelling it out. One other sample from the Asheville mailbag, by a visitor who describes the importance of "halfbacks" there:.

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As other readers have mentioned, downtown Asheville is a real gem: compact and attractive, and for the most part not ostentatious. One thing that became clear after just a few days was the sizeable population of well-heeled retirees. This explains in part how Asheville can support a huge of boutiques, restaurants, antiquarian bookstores, art galleries and the like. It's not just the tourist trade keeping these places afloat though that is ificant, toobut a permanent population with lots of discretionary income.

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It turns out that Asheville is a pretty nice place to spend time and money. Locals have a name for a certain faction of affluent folks in their midst who could afford to retire "away": after relocating from Philadelphia or New York to Florida, many decided they didn't really like the Sunshine State.

So, they headed halfway back to the East Coast, thus becoming "halfbacks. As a housekeeping matter, periodically I'll post reminders of the information below, in light of the changes in the redeed Atlantic site.

This is the current version of what has been my part of the site. And similarly-composed URLs for our other writers.

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There's a searchable archive of the posts, by city and date and so on, here. Popular Latest. The Atlantic Crossword. In Subscribe.

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Then a reader from Seattle explained how his town had pulled off a comparable feat. He pointed out that visitors assumed Seattle just "naturally" looked the way it does now, but in fact the downtown revival was the fruit of at least 30 years of deliberate planning and effort.

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Then another reader said that planning and effort had only a loose connection to the finished result. Tampa, he saidhad tried as hard and as long as Seattle but had little to show for it.

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Meanwhile elegant little Asheville, North Carolina had apparently drifted its way into a celebrated downtown. Then a reader in Tampa said, Wait a minute! It's actually nice here too! We've even got a Riverwalk. You can read his case in this post.

I will take a shot at summarizing the key elements of that battle, but please rest assured the story is more complicated and there were more participants than I can do justice to in this short note 1 Asheville had a large of beautiful old buildings built in Art Deco style and otherwise during the 's boom period. Grove Arcade building before the Asheville renaissance before-and-after photos via J. Grove Arcade now Romantic Asheville 4 What followed was basically a 30 year period during which businesses closed and downtown was left boarded up with empty sidewalks. Modern Coker building 8 Roger and Julian both saw the need to create residential activity in formerly empty downtown buildings.