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Dating a frenchman Trenton distance

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Dating A Frenchman Trenton Distance

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Trenton maine

Victory Parade. SOME people think that that country is happiest which has no history. This obviously is not true; but, on the contrary, that country is happiest whose history is told in monument and story; and this is so of political subdivisions of a State, as well as of the State itself. In the history of Trenton the first thing that arrests our attention is the early name of the place and its origin. The first settlement, as will hereafter appear, dates from the yearat which time the region on the river in the vicinity of what is now Trenton was known as the Falls of the Delaware.

All the authorities agree upon that point. A few white men were at the Falls in the seventeenth century, before the settlement ofor passed through them in voyages on the river, but no permanent settlement was made until the coming of Mahlon Stacy and the other Friends, or Quakers, in the year mentioned.

An early description of the Falls, and certainly the first after the settlement was made, is that given in the Journal of a Voyage by Dankers and Sluyter under date of Friday, November 17, Julius Caesar undertook to put an end to it by the arrangement known as the Julian calendar, or Old Style generally written O. See Fiske, History of the United States.

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In Great Britain the New Style was not adopted until the passing of the New Style Act, which carne into operation inthe discrepancy by that time amounting to eleven days. Opportunity was taken at the same time to fix the official commencement of the year in England at January 1, the date which had been taken as the commencement of the year under the Gregorian calendar and which had been adopted in Scotland in Up until in England the official date of the new year had continued to be March See Philip, The Calendarp.

But the month of November, the ninth month O. Hence Friday, the 17th day of November,noted in the Journal of a Voyagewould be the 28th of November by the present calendar.

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It will be remembered that Washington was born February 11,but a discrepancy of eleven days existed between the Julian and the Gregorian calendars, which latter was adopted by Parliament in Hall in his History of the Presbyterian Church in Trenton says that the Falls of the Delaware was not only the first, name given to that part of the river where Trenton was afterwards built, but was used for more than a century to denote the general locality.

Raum, speaking in his History of Trentonof the Dutch and Swedes who preceded the English in this country, referred to their fortifications on the Delaware, by them called the South River, near Gloucester in New Jersey, and also on the Hudson, or North River, in New York, 2 and remarked that the Yorkshire commissioners chose the purchase from the Assunpink, or Falls of the Delaware, to Rancocas Creek.

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Says Mr. There is one other name which it is said to have borne at one time, and that is Littleworth. It is spoken of both by Dr. Hall and Mr. Hall says that if the first name given to the settlement was Littleworth, the disparaging title must have been disdained by Stacy, who pronounced it a most brave place whatever envy or evil spies might speak of it. Apparently the name, if ever used, must have been in the spirit of jest. Assunpink Creek, oftentimes misspelled Assanpink although with good authority was formerly called St.

Pink or Sunpink, and also was called the River Distance, as old deeds will show. That Assunpink is the proper spelling of the name appears from the fact that Dr. Brinton, the eminent authority on the Lenni Lenape, says that in their dialect the word is pronounced "Ass u n," meaning a stone. Of course one could write the history of Trenton by commencing with the first settlement at the Falls of the Delaware insimply stating that Mahlon Stacy, accompanied by certain Friends, called Quakers, settled there at this time; dating this would manifestly not be very satisfactory.

Almost all histories commence at a date anterior to that which is first treated of in the narrative. I have set out in full the old and singular letters patent which Charles II employed to convey New Jersey with other lands in North America to Trenton brother the duke, believing that, since the ordinary reader rarely sees the law books or official archives which contain the grant in full, it will prove to be a matter of great interest.

The Province was so called in honor of Sir George Carteret, who was one of the grantees of James, Duke of York, in the deed for Nova Caesarea or New Jersey, and who was lieutenant-governor of the Island of Jersey in the English Channel and had successfully defended its possession for Charles I against the parliamentary army of Cromwell. XIIsays that the natives of Jersey erected a town on the eastern coast of the island on the site of a Roman encampment, it frenchman believed. This seems to be the sum of the learning on the subject, and indicates, of course, that the name is derived ultimately from Julius Caesar, the Roman emperor.

Without further introduction the Colonial history of Trenton will be given on the following s. THE aborigines are familiarly known to us as the Delaware Indians.

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They were known to themselves as the Lenni Lenape. It was, however printed later.

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II, No. Works which may, be consulted are The American Nationsby Rafinesque; The Lenape and Their Legends by Brinton; and other standard works to be found in all large libraries. They claimed the whole area comprising New Jersey. Their great chief, Teedyescung, stated at the conference at Easton, Pa. It is undoubtedly of Norman origin.

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The name Lenni Lenape is not pronounced as spelled, that is, the last word is not. Whence came the Indians?

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Rafinesque, in The American Nationssays that the annals of the Lenni Lenape contain an of creation, telling of Kitanitowill, a god, the first and eternal being, who caused the earth, water, sun, moon and stars. This legend also tells of a bad spirit, Makimani, although the theory about an Indian Satan seems not to be accepted by some historians, - nor does it seem that such a being was believed in by the Lenape when the white men first went among them. These annals of the Lenni Lenape given by Rafinesque tell also of a flood and of the passage of the Indians and their settlement in America.

From whence they passed does not appear, and doubtless this mystery is destined to remain forever unsolved. It will probably be a matter of some surprise to most to learn that there is authority for believing that New Jersey was a wilderness, uninhabited by human beings until the yearwhen King Wolomenap Hollow Man led his people into the Delaware Valley where they settled and overran New Jersey. The Reverend Mr. Beatty, in his mission from New York in to the western Indians, received from a person whom he credited the following tradition, which he had in turn had from some old men among the Delaware tribe:.

That of old time their people were divided by a river, and one part tarried behind; that they knew not for a certainty how they first came to this continent, dating gave this :. A king of their nation, when they formerly lived far to the Trenton, left his kingdom to his two sons; the one son making war frenchman the other, the latter thereupon determined to depart and seek some new habitation. Accordingly he set out, accompanied by a of his people, and after wandering to and fro for the space of forty years, they at length came to the Delaware, where they settled three hundred and seventy years before [that is, beforewhich thus would make the date ].

The way they kept of this was by putting a black bead of wampum every year on a belt which they used distance that purpose.

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Rafinesque gives a list of Lenape kings and says their annals tell of Wolomenap Hollow Man the 77th, and that he was king at the Falls of the Delaware Trenton ; the first one there, according to the legend. The earliest white travellers in this part of the country looked upon the natives as simply savages and but little different from the wild beasts about them. They therefore did not trouble themselves to study their institutions or traditions; all of that has been done in comparatively recent times. The Indians found here by the first explorers and travellers were splendid physical specimens, well built and strong, with broad shoulders arid narrow waists, dark eyes, white teeth, and coarse black hair, of which the men left but a single tuft on the top of the head.

There were few that were crippled or deformed. They generally slept on skins or leaves spread on the bare ground, though some had crude board floors. From these humble lodgings no one was ever turned away and the generous hospitality of the Indians was noted with admiration by travellers. His breakfast generally ,consisted of maize or Indian cornpounded in a mortar till crushed, and them boiled. Their thirst was quenched by drinking the broth of boiled meat, or by drafts of pure water.

They had no intoxicating liquors until the advent of the white man. Their only stimulant was tobacco, which they smoked in pipes manufactured by themselves.

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The Lenape did not depend solely on the trophies of the chase for their subsistence. They were, to a comparatively large extent, engaged in agricutlture and raised a variety of edible plants, corn, beans, sweet potatoes and squashes, among them. A hardy variety of tobacco was also cultivated. The art of the potter was not unknown to the Delawares, and their skill in bead work and feather mantles, and dressing animal skins, excited admiration. Their weapons were mostly of stone, but there was considerable native copper used for arrow he and also for pipes and ornaments. They had paints and dyes made from vegetables and minerals found in their neighborhood.

Although they were usually clad in the skins of animals they had learned to make a coarse cloth from the fiber of nettles and other plants which they twisted and wove with their fingers.

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They made ropes, purses and bags in the same way, and had needles made of small bones and wooden splints, with which they were quite dexterous. Like all primitive people the Indians were very fond of ornaments and adorned themselves with shells and be and other articles skilfully and decoratively fashioned by themselves.

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Used first merely for ornamentation, this wampun came to be so much in demand that it assumed the character of currency and it was so used by the white settlers as well as the Indians as neither had any other kind of money. Some white men tried to make wampum but their crude product was promptly rejected as counterfeit.

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The Indians were never very numerous in New Jersey, at least not after the advent of the white settlers. It has been estimated that in there were in the various tribes about two thousand warriors all told, which would make a total population of about eight thousand. After this date they disappeared rapidly.